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Figure Sketch – Connie

A new sketch from life (Connie at The Art Student’s League)

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Seated Figure

Didn’t get a chance to finish this. Used more paint on this than I ever did before. Here is the block-in.

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Another seated figure

About 90 min, from life.

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Seated Figure from life

About two hours, from life.

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New Figure Sketch

About 1.5 hours, from life

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Pedro Sketch

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Bust Sketch

About 90 minutes from life. After trying about 5 times to draw it, still got it wrong. Oh well… lol

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Figure Study

Quick oil sketch for figure

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New Figure. Leticia

Here is a new figure painting. Didn’t get a chance to finish it. Leticia at ASL.

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Figure (Connie)

The lovely model Connie poses for another painting. Day Two. Added some background and the hand, and made some corrections to the gesture   This is day one block in, about two hours, from life of course.

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